Arizona Roller Hockey

Adult Beginner/Novice Inline Hockey

Peoria SportsPlex created a new adult roller hockey league for male and female beginners/novice players. The Tuesday Coed 3 inline hockey league will feature a ten week season that includes eight regular season games and two playoff games. Tuesday Coed 3 league games are played in two twenty minute halves of running time under the USARS rulebook.  The current game time for the league is 6:00pm on Tuesday evening. League schedules are subject to change from season to season. Please check the Peoria SportsPlex website for specific dates and game times. Peoria SportsPlex Daily Schedule

Tuesday Coed 3 league will be for beginner and novice players only with some players  being restricted on scoring goals to help all players in the league get involved in the game. No slap shots are allowed and no player may score more than three goals in any one game. The league is designed for new and beginner players and we encourage highly skilled players to select one of our many adult leagues Sunday through Friday.

If you have played street hockey before come out and try street hockey indoors on inline skates.  This is a perfect opportunity to participate and develop your hockey skills at a comfortable pace of play were everyone is involved in the game.

For the advanced players seeking a coed hockey league we also offer a Friday Coed 1 and Coed 2. Coed 2 is the next step up from Coed 3 and features some of the same options as the Tuesday Coed 3 at a slightly faster pace. The Friday night Coed 1 inline hockey league features a mixed skill level of players from novice to above average skill level.

Tuesday Coed 3 League

Volleyball Practice Court

The Peoria SportsPlex located on 75th ave in Peoria Arizona has one volleyball practice court available for rental on Monday – Friday evenings from 430pm-1030pm. This single volleyball practice court is perfect for a small clinics, private lessons or team practice.  Our rates for use of the practice court are competitive with the rates you pay now. Contact us directly for information on rates and availability of practice time.  We offer practice time based on first come first serve basis. A deposit is required to hold your space.  The practice court is excellent for small clubs and teams looking for practice time at a great value.

We have four additional volleyball practice courts for leagues or practice that are currently rented out  by  volleyball clubs from the Phoenix, Peoria and the Glendale area. If you have a larger budget and larger need for 4-5 courts weekdays or weekends contact us for availability to rent the entire facility for your teams.  We can also provide fitness and training classes on site through Positively Fitt.

Please contact us if you would like to start a youth recreational volleyball league on the weekends. We have the availability to rent time and space for you to run your volleyball league at our facility. Contact us by email or text if you want to start a league or schedule a practice or lesson.


Practice Volleyball Court

Practice Volleyball Court

Team USA Inline Hockey

The women’s world championships of inline hockey have been contested 17 times around the world. Team USA senior women have won 8 world championship gold medals  and have 7 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. This year the team will travel to Italy to participate in the inline hockey world championships.

Team USA Inline Hockey

Team USA World Championships 2016 Asiago, Italy


Team USA Inline Hockey

World Championships 2016 Asiago, Italy

Learn2Love Hockey

Arizona Inline Hockey Learn to Love Hockey is a free youth clinic offered to new and beginning roller hockey players in Arizona. The free clinic is available to the first 12 players that sign up for each session.  We have 5 sessions per year and each session lasts 5 weeks long.

The next session begins December 2, 2017 and new players may register online by clicking the following link ==>>   We do have loaner equipment available to players if you do not have your own….loaner equipment is limited so we encourage early registration.

Learn2Love hockey starts out with players learning the very basics of hockey in level 1 and finishes with players learning the basics of inline skating in level 2. The program is an introduction to the basics of inline hockey for new players. We offer it free as an introduction to our youth recreational leagues on Saturday mornings. Players that complete both levels of our learn to love hockey program are ready to join a recreational league on Saturday morning. Players are not required to complete the program to join our recreational leagues on Saturday mornings.

Youth Inline Hockey Leagues


Youth Inline Hockey Peoria SportsPlex


Peoria SportsPlex Youth Inline Hockey

Peoria SportsPlex provides a youth inline hockey program on Saturday mornings for male and female players who are 16 years old and younger.  We play all our recreational youth league games on Saturday morning between 8am – 11am except on holiday weekends. We play year round every Saturday indoors at the Peoria SportsPlex.

The standings, rosters and schedule are available online at the Peoria SportsPlex hockey website at We also have a limited amount of loaner inline skates and protective equipment for your use.  If you are an existing player and have loaner equipment please feel free to donate it to future players of the sport of inline hockey. If you are new to the game we run beginner learn2love youth inline hockey clinics periodically to help develop player skills. We are assisted by many parents and volunteers who help to provide for a fun and safe environment to play. We welcome your help. If you are interested in joining our team please call or text the hockey hotline at 623-878-2444.

Registration is available for league play on the website. We start a new season every eight weeks. One season is 8 games including playoffs. All registration is online at

Thank-you for your participation.