Learn2Love Hockey

Arizona Inline Hockey Learn to Love Hockey is a free youth clinic offered to new and beginning roller hockey players in Arizona. The free clinic is available to the first 12 players that sign up for each session.  We have 5 sessions per year and each session lasts 5 weeks long.

The next session begins July 25, 2015 and new players may register online by clicking the following link ==>>  http://castle-sports.ezleagues.ezfacility.com/leagues/188908/Learn2Love-Hockey.aspx.  We do have loaner equipment available to players if you do not have your own….loaner equipment is limited so we encourage early registration.

Over 50 Labeda Cup 2014

Peoria SportsPlex – Home of Arizona Inline Hockey

The Labeda Cup National Invitational tournament is hosted by the Las Vegas Roller Center every year in October. Team Excalibur won the 50 and over tournament in 2006 and recently won the 60 and over tournament in 2014. Team Excalibur holds the distinction of winning both 50A and 60A in the Labeda Cup.