Team USA Inline Hockey

Team USA Inline Hockey Charity Ironman hockey tournament.

Saturday May 27, 2017 – charity games against Team USA  Inline Hockey Team

All participants playing in the regular Saturday ironman hockey tournament at the Peoria SportsPlex on May 27, 2017 may challenge the members of Team USA who are going to China this summer for the inline hockey world championships.  For an additional donation of $20 per player your team will play one additional game against a group of  players and staff from team USA  during the regular ironman tournament.  If you defeat Team USA you win a Team USA tee shirt.

Regular ironman tournament fee is $40 to play in the tournament plus an additional $20 donation to play one extra game against Team USA. You may still play just the ironman tournament for $40 without challenging Team USA.  All proceeds will go directly to help lower the fees of the members of Team USA.

The women’s world championships of inline hockey have been contested 15 times around the world. Team USA senior women have won seven world championship gold medals  and have six silver medals and two bronze medals. This year the team will travel to Nanjing China to participate in the first World Roller Games during which the inline hockey world championships will be played at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center.

Team USA Inline Hockey

Team USA World Championships 2016 Asiago, Italy


Team USA Inline Hockey

World Championships 2016 Asiago, Italy