Learn2Love Hockey – Youth Clinic

Youth Inline Hockey Learn to Love Hockey is a free youth clinic offered to new and beginning roller hockey players in Arizona. The free clinic is available to the first 12 players that sign up for each session.  We have 4 sessions per year and each session lasts 5 weeks long.

The next session begins January 2021 and new players may register online by clicking the following link ==>>  Learn2Love Hockey   We do have loaner equipment available to players if you do not have your own….loaner equipment is limited so we encourage early registration.

Learn2Love hockey starts out with players learning the very basics of hockey in level 1. Finally it finishes with players learning the basics of inline skating in level 2. The program is an introduction to the basics of inline hockey for new players. We offer it free as an introduction to our youth recreational leagues on Saturday mornings. As a result players  that complete both levels are ready to join a recreational league on Saturday morning.